Live from the Mazehouse!

Hey there, neighbour! Just wanted to drop a huge thankyou to everyone who joined us for the live chat last night – its was so great to have you all there and to know that so many of you are actually enjoying this (glad someone is! Just kidding).

You’ll probably have seen the posts about our live show tonight at the witching hour (!) – so I hope you’ll be joining us in the forums for that one – I’ll leave a thread open and I’ll be trying to drop in as much as I can – and I hope you stay part of our community here on the site.

See you later!

I talk to the dead (and the really, really tired)

Greetings from the spookhouse – Gary here, still picking bits of plate out of my hair… Just wanted to let you know that its your turn to visit the haunted house live: we’re going to be having a live online chat with the team this evening, and you’re all, naturally, invited.

Bascially, I’m going to be starting an open thread at about quarter past nine this evening so you can all log on and pitch your questions to the team – I’ll be filtering the questions, I’m afraid, and keeping the juicy ones for myself 😉 and I’ll also be passing the team’s answers back to you, so apolgies in dvance for my slow two-fingered typing and orful speling. See what I did there?

So yeah, see you online this evening, I hope


The voices! The voices!

Hey there and thank you, thank all of you who’ve been posting comments on the EVP I put online yesterday – it’s all really useful, as I haven’t had much time to listen to the pesky thing myself.

And one of the reasons I haven’t had much time, is that I’ve been going through the recording looking, alright, listening, for anything else inthere, and I think I’ve found a couple more – although to be honest, I’ve been going over and over the footage so much I’m not sure I tell EVP from farting right now.
Anyway, I’m going to slap the clips up online now, to see if you have any better luck with them than I have – and then I’ve got to dash off because Louisa wants to take a look round the neighbourhood. Squeak to you later…

Are you recieving me?

Hi-de-ho, I’ve been asked to make a post about the strange sounds I’ve found on the soundtrack of the footage of the seance we recorded last night. Well, how to put this? I’ve found some strange sounds on the soundtrack of the footage of the seance we recorded last night.

I was watching the footage back this morning, preparing it for editing into the show tonight and noticed some odd things on the soundtrack – I thought it might be a problem with the mikes or some kind of interference – but there’s certainly something there that sounds like voices – spooky, eh?

Stephen’s referring to it as Electronic Voice Phenomena, which sounds like a German synthesiser band from the 1980s, but which is apparently a common thing. Anyway, I’m going to put a clip I’ve edited out of the soundtrack up online for you to have a listen to and see if you can make out anything useful.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything else, weird (other than Stephen’s strange bagpipe cds ;))

One click for yes, two clicks for no

Gary here, with the exciting announcement that our newest team member, Louisa McMurray is going to be leading us in a seance this evening.

Even more exciting is the announcement that its going to be an online seance – which means all of you are going to be taking part.

We’ll be starting our seance at about the time the show ends – so around 9:10 this evening. I’ll be opening a thread in the forum, so come along and join in if you’re online.

Look forward to seeing you there – I wonder if they have spam in the afterlife?

Where’s my scooby snack?

Gary here, reporting to you this time from the front line itself: that’s right, this is me, setting up shop in the haunted house itself. I’d like to day its great to be here after all this time of talking to Stephen and Jo about it, and hearing all the news from the house itself, but, frankly, its as spooky as all get out and I’ve got way too much work to do getting everything set up and working

And not just my own work, neither – we start the TV broadcasts tomorrow, so I’ve got to get everything sorted for that mob when they can be bothered to show up. Cos of all this its going to be pretty quiet here for the next couple of days, but to keep you all happy, I’ve managed to get another one of our man Ranulph’s stories digitised and I’ll be adding that to our book.

And, of course, you’ve still got the EMF-thingy to play with, after all… you’ll notice that we’re getting some odd little twinges here and there – I’m not sure if that’s th application or the monitors themselves – but you’ll have to bear with us for the moment.

Right: meanwhile, I ought to get back to getting everything working.

Wish me luck

You, watching us

Hey, hey, Gary here with the good news that our live feed from the EMF monitors in the house seems to be up and running at last. I’ve made the monitors live on the site this weekend as a kind of soft launch for next week, so you can all have a play, if you’ve nothing better to do with your Sunday afternoon. Still hungover from last night? Why not have a lazy day watching blinking lights?

Anyway, once its up and running, you’ll see a link in the menu on the left which will launch the monitor – there you’ll see a graphic readout for all of the rooms, and you’ll be able to page through the different floors of the house so you can miss whatever’s happening on the other floors at the time.

One thing to be aware of is there’s a slight delay with the refresh times of the feed, so its not quite real time, because not even I’m that good – but its not far off. Stephen is very keen for any of you who notice anything odd to let us know as soon as possible. I’ll be starting a thread in the forum for that purpose.

Meanwhile, major kudos to my main girl Jo for getting the feed working – here’s hoping everything next week goes this smoothly.

And next time you hear from me, I’ll be in the Mazehouse in startling person: and jumping out of your TV set, so strap yourselves in, my friends, ready for a crazy week.

Mazehouse online

What? What’s he talking about? I hear you cry: Mazehouse is already online, innit? Isn’t that what I’m reading right now?

Ok, well, quite your crying and let Uncle Gary explain.

Really, I just thought I’d stick my head above the parapet as its been pretty quiet here on the site for the last couple fo days, mostly because its been anything but quiet in the house.

Now that Jo’s there with Stephen, they’re working to get all their little doohickeys and wossnames up and working – the main ones being the EMF detectors – special devices that will warn us if there are any dodgy 90s bands hiding in the house.

Seriously, the EMF detectors are part of our ghostbusting paraphenalia and one of the big online features we’re planning for the site is to get a live feed from the detectors running online – which is why we’re kind of quiet at the moment – not just setting stuff up, but also trying to get everything to talk to each other – not easy when I even have trouble getting Jo on her mobile in the house…

Eventually, tho, we should have a little application up here on the site, that you’ll be able to use to see all the electronic doings.

But thats not all, no, siree Bob: the other big online development is going to come next week, when we’re going to showing the TV broadcasts right here on the site. Hopefully we’re also going to have some hot, exclusive footage for the website of us, I dunno, tripping over cables and arguing, if what I hear from the house at the moment is anything to go by 😉

Anyway, anyway, don’t think we’ve deserted you, and stay tuned for further exciting developments

Ranulph Williams online

Greetings from Gary: just a quick post to let you know, in case you haven’t seen it, that we’ve managed to get a couple of stories (well, and introduction and a story if you want to be so pedantic about it. I dunno, some people) by Ranulph Williams, the writer Stephen has been talking about, digitised, and I’ve uploaded them to a new section of the site – so that’s your bedtime reading sorted, then, innit? Don’t have nightmares 😉

Getting this show on the road

Hi there, my digital Scooby Gang, Gary here: just thoguht I’d drop in and bring you up to speed on this ‘ere website and what our plans are for it. As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now (you have been paying attention, haven’t you?), our lead investigator, Stephen Millington, is actually living in the haunted house already, and keeping you up to date on what goes bump in the night there. Well, Stephen is going to be blogging all month, and I’ll be stopping by as well, and eventually we’ll be trying to get all the team to join us online, once we’ve all got together in the house. But there’s more: over the next few weeks we’re going to be starting to connect up all the various gadgets and bits and pieces that Stephen and his technical wizard, Jo, are going to be using to catch their ghosts – and we’re hoping to be able to stream all that stuff live on the site – if Jo and I can perform a digital seance and get the dag-blamed things to talk to each other, that is. And then, of course, for the last week of the project, the TV cameras will arrive and we’ll be showing all the TV shows right here on the site too, along with, I hope, some exclusive online clips. In the meantime, though, Stephen’s going to continue keeping you up to date and all clued up on the Mazehouse and our investigation, so stay tuned, folks.