Hello there. I think I’ve worked it out. It’s all in there, its just the wrong way round: everything is the wrong way round. It’s not what I said, not the past haunting the present, not at all. Its both past and present being haunted. Its the house, or something older, the place. Its all in the posts – all of them – it is him: he’s trying to tell me something. I’ve been rereading them all day over and over – didn’t want to talk to anyone else. He needed to tell the story, all the stories, he needed to warn us. It happened to him, I know it did. Once upon a time. It always happens. Every story down the years, what he says: the same story – three people – the vicar, the knight, the king. Me, Jon, Jo. Always the same story with the same ending, its in all of them: murder, death, blood. It happens every time. Its happening now, right here in the house, his clockwork he talks about, pushing us on. Pushing me on. It can only end one way. Murder, death and blood. We’re caught up in the machine, the awful workings. I can’t push against it. I can feel it beating in my brain. I must push against it. It will eat us alive. The house. It will destroy us or drive us mad. Drive me mad. Someone has to stop it. Someone has to stop.

Sensationalism in the Mazehouse

Hello there – I feel I must write online just to express my extreme frustration at where we seem to be going at the moment with this investigation – I feel that I have completely lost control of both the investigation and the TV programme – I feel that certain individuals have taken over and are just pursuing their own ends: we are embarking on sensationalist and stupid stunts that only serve demean our original purpose here. I just wanted to say that.

Louisa McMurray has left the Mazehouse

Hallo, Jon Ward here – I just wanted to say a couple of words about Louisa, who has had to leave the project. Louisa has been a vital part of the team for the last few days, and a great person to have with us in the house. Also, although I know she has had her reservations about our work her, she has always been willing to get involved and to play her part. Her contributions have been integral and vital to what we’ve been doing here. I can’t say much about why she felt she had to leave, but I do know that she will be much missed by all of us.

Live from the Mazehouse!

Hey there, neighbour! Just wanted to drop a huge thankyou to everyone who joined us for the live chat last night – its was so great to have you all there and to know that so many of you are actually enjoying this (glad someone is! Just kidding).

You’ll probably have seen the posts about our live show tonight at the witching hour (!) – so I hope you’ll be joining us in the forums for that one – I’ll leave a thread open and I’ll be trying to drop in as much as I can – and I hope you stay part of our community here on the site.

See you later!

Exciting announcement

Hallo, Jon Ward calling in with an important announcement – I’ve just been given the go ahead to broadcast a live Halloween show from the house at midnight tonight. The show will be on TV and live online, so I hope you can join us wherever you are (if you can tear yourselves away from your Halloween parties, that is).

Actually, its really good timing, not just because its midnight on Halloween (and who can’t resist that?) but also because we’ve been getting some really interesting EMF results at about that time for the past few nights, so hopefully we’ll have something to show you.

Look forward to joining you later!