Electrical problems

Hallo, Jo here – I just wanted to drop by, mostly to apologise and explain something – you might, at times, be experiencing some problems with the EMF monitors on the website – either getting random signals or nothing at all. Basically its a problem at our end – the Mazehouse is a very old building, with a lot of wiring that dates back, in some cases I’ve found, around a hundred years, if you believe that. Anyway, we’ve now got a lot of electrical equipment in the house – computers, TV cameras and lights, all our EMF kit – and we’re putting a lot of strain on that old system – and its starting to tell – we’re getting quite a few brown outs and power losses in the house and not all equipment is working all the time.

So apologies for that.

And I ought to say that these problems, of course, are also going to affect some of the results we’re getting – the EMF readings we’re getting could just be issues with the wiring – and something like Steve’s ‘orb footage’ which he took last night, was in bad light conditions, with a cheap camera – I just feel I ought to point out that not everything strange that’s happening in the house is ancient ghosts – some of it is just ancient fuses!

Jo here

Hi, just sitting at the ciomputer, waiting for Gary to test the online EMF  monitors and I thought I’d take the opportunity to post to the blog.

It’s been a hectic week here in the house, getting everything wired up and prepared for next week and then trying to get this feed working from the monitors. It’s a tricky business, not least becasue the monitors we’re using are intended to be networked in quite this way, so Gary and I have had to kludge around a bit to get the system we want. It still tends to be a little glitchy, but part of that might just be the house. Stephen has said he had some problems with the heat sensors he was using earlier in the month and I know he’s like to think that that’s some kingd of evidence for paranormal activity, but I;ve often found that there are places where equipment just doesn’t like to work: whether its termperature or humidity or interference or some other imponderable.

To be honest there are some odd things about this house, I haven’t yet seen any ghosts (and I’m not sure I expect to see any) but I did have an odd experience earlier this week when I found myself looking uo from my work and suddenly not being at all sure where I was. It was a very strange feeling indeed, not quite as if I thought I was somewhere else, more that the house just didn’t look right, or how I was expecting it to look.

Even with things like that I have to say I don’t get any really bad feeling from the house at all, certainly nothing you might call haunting – which almost feels disappointing in a way.

Anyway, I’ve just seen I’ve got a fresh mail from Gary, so I’ll go and see how we’re doing on the EMF monitors. See you later.


Hallo to the house

Hi there, this is Jo Cargill, making my first blog post from the Mazehouse project. Like you, I’ve been following Stephen’s blogs from the house, but, unlike you, I’ve also been talking to him a lot on the phone and on email, so I feel like I already know the house really well.

But its amazing to actually, finally be here, although perhaps slighty less amazing to discover what a state a lot of the house is in. But we’re going to be too busy over the next few days to worry too much about creature comforts, I suspect.

I’ve worked with Stephen a lot before, helping him with a lot of the technical aspects of his investigations and so on, and I’m going to be doing that here, too – helping him and Gary get all their instruments and equipment set up ready for our final week.

It’s really exciting to be joining the project at last, and to be joining you all here online – here’s looking forward to good couple of weeks in the Mazehouse!


Jo Cargill

Jo is the technical brain behind the Maze House investigation. An engineering graduate, she has known Steven Millington since University, where they became firm friends.

Steven engaged her for help setting up the Maze House project back in February 2001. She helped plan the investigation and built the system of electromagnetic field monitors that lie at the heart of the project.

It is a mark of what a good friend she is that she has done all this work on the investigation in her spare time. She says she finds the work ‘challenging and, more importantly, interesting’.

‘I think we have a rare chance here to examine something in a wholly new way, with a whole set of new technical solutions,’ she says. ‘It’s fascinating.’

Following the involvement of the SciFi channel in the project, she has come back on board to help Steven install more and better equipment in the house. She currently has the free time to devote herself fully to the project.

Jo isn’t sure if she believes in the paranormal and certainly hasn’t experienced anything remarkable.