Getting this show on the road

Hi there, my digital Scooby Gang, Gary here: just thoguht I’d drop in and bring you up to speed on this ‘ere website and what our plans are for it. As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now (you have been paying attention, haven’t you?), our lead investigator, Stephen Millington, is actually living in the haunted house already, and keeping you up to date on what goes bump in the night there. Well, Stephen is going to be blogging all month, and I’ll be stopping by as well, and eventually we’ll be trying to get all the team to join us online, once we’ve all got together in the house. But there’s more: over the next few weeks we’re going to be starting to connect up all the various gadgets and bits and pieces that Stephen and his technical wizard, Jo, are going to be using to catch their ghosts – and we’re hoping to be able to stream all that stuff live on the site – if Jo and I can perform a digital seance and get the dag-blamed things to talk to each other, that is. And then, of course, for the last week of the project, the TV cameras will arrive and we’ll be showing all the TV shows right here on the site too, along with, I hope, some exclusive online clips. In the meantime, though, Stephen’s going to continue keeping you up to date and all clued up on the Mazehouse and our investigation, so stay tuned, folks.


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