Mazehouse online

What? What’s he talking about? I hear you cry: Mazehouse is already online, innit? Isn’t that what I’m reading right now?

Ok, well, quite your crying and let Uncle Gary explain.

Really, I just thought I’d stick my head above the parapet as its been pretty quiet here on the site for the last couple fo days, mostly because its been anything but quiet in the house.

Now that Jo’s there with Stephen, they’re working to get all their little doohickeys and wossnames up and working – the main ones being the EMF detectors – special devices that will warn us if there are any dodgy 90s bands hiding in the house.

Seriously, the EMF detectors are part of our ghostbusting paraphenalia and one of the big online features we’re planning for the site is to get a live feed from the detectors running online – which is why we’re kind of quiet at the moment – not just setting stuff up, but also trying to get everything to talk to each other – not easy when I even have trouble getting Jo on her mobile in the house…

Eventually, tho, we should have a little application up here on the site, that you’ll be able to use to see all the electronic doings.

But thats not all, no, siree Bob: the other big online development is going to come next week, when we’re going to showing the TV broadcasts right here on the site. Hopefully we’re also going to have some hot, exclusive footage for the website of us, I dunno, tripping over cables and arguing, if what I hear from the house at the moment is anything to go by 😉

Anyway, anyway, don’t think we’ve deserted you, and stay tuned for further exciting developments


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