Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena is a term used to describe the reported discovery of voices or other attempts at communication unintentionally captured in otherwise normal audio recordings or recordings intentionally sought in radio static or ambient recorded background noise.

Usually audio recordings need to be filtered and manipulated to separate put the suggested EVP or extra-sensitive or specially prepared recording equipment needs to be used.

It has long been thought that paranormal events could be registered using  recording equipment. The great spiritualist movement at the end of the nineteenth century coincided with the discovery and use of radio and audio devices. Thomas Edison himself theorised about the kind of audio equipment that might be needed to communicate with the dead.

It has been pointed out, however, that the amount of preparation and interpretation that EMP commonly require means that almost any meaning could be ascribed to the recordings in question and that equipment itself can ioften produce noises that can be heard as human voices.

Most often the phenomena are ascribed to a kind of pareidolia – the natural human tendency to find patterns in random events and, more particularly, the way that people tend to see human faces and hear voices in otherwise innocuous images or sounds.

Interesting results

Hello there, Stephen here – as you may know if you were online with us last night, very little happened during our ‘seance’ – which, for me, doesn’t signify really, although I hoped those of you who joined in enjoyed yourselves, at least. What does matter is that later last night we had some very exciting EMF readings on our monitor network – something that you’ll see on the show this evening I expect. Sadly EMF readings is all we had at the time – no associated phenomena – or so I thought until this morning, when I discovered that we had had another text posting on our website during the night.

It’s tempting to suspect that the two things are related – the EMF readings and the posting on the blog, but without records to match up with past appearances of the text, its impossible to know for certain.

I can’t help but feel that the online text is significant, however. The text that arrived during the night mentions Sir Francis Day by name and seems to be hinting at the tragedy of him and his half-sister. The references to Arthur and Guinevere certainly chime with a lot of Ranulph Williams’ interest in Arthurian myth and, in particular, that great betrayal of the King by Guinevere his Queen and Lancelot his trusted champion. There’s something else, though – something that definitely sounds like Williams’ other writings, with its fascination with myth and the effect of history on the present. I’m pretty convinced now that this text is coming from a piece of Williams’ writings, although how I don’t know.

One possibility that we have to admit is that, as Jo has very reasonably pointed out, it could simply be that whatever is causing the electro-magnetic field we are detecting could be interfering with our machines, causing the computers to post the text themselves, as a bug or glitch. And that’s a possibility that we really ought to take seriously – as tempting as it might be to get over-excited about these phenomena, Jo’s right to remind me that we’re here to investigate these things scientifically, not by having online seances!

New message

Hello there, Stephen here, just pointing out that we had another message added to the site last night, added under my name, but, again, not by me, although, as before, I had left my computer over night switched on and logged into the website in my name.

In fact, this time, both Gary and Jo are reasonably convinced that there wasn’t any outside influence on the computer or the site, so quite where it might have come from has become a little more mysterious.

Once again the text seems to have been taken from Ranulph Williams’ introduction, although again there is text I don’t recognise, and I find myself wondering about that original draft of the introduction that I was talking about yesterday and whether some of the text might come from that.

Now that I am, at least, pretty convinced that the messages aren’t coming from anywhere else, I am going to start trying to analyse them in detail to see what I can discover. It could well be that the most interesting events of this whole investigation have been happening right here on the website, right in front of us all this time.