What’s this about?

The Mazehouse is a work of fiction – it is a ghost story about the experiences of a group of investigators in an allegedly haunted house somewhere in the English countryside. It has its origins in an interactive TV show we made for the Sci-Fi channel in 2001. It was initially intended to be an interactive drama, but the Sci-Fi channel wanted it to be mounted as more of a hoax.

Ever since I’ve wanted to go back and tell the story we originally intended to – and this is what this site is an attempt at.

The original project ran for the last week of October and featured all kinds of ways for the audience to interact and communicate with the projects and the characters – including one fraught evening when Finbar & I had to play all six characters at once in a live online chat.

This version of the story is not as interactive – the idea, rather, is to create a sort of online novel – a complete story for the reader to explore and discover at their leisure. I’m hoping that by opening the story out from a frenetic week to the slow-build of a month will allow us to bring back in all the background detail and stories and begin to explain the strange happenings in the house.

I’ve recreated it as a blog because I’m fascinated by the way that one is forced to read a blog backwards in time, from the most recent post to the first – in the case of a ghost story, from the horrifying climax back to the innocent and tranquil beginnings – a really curious and appealing approach to story-telling.

Many thanks and mad props are due to Tim Usborne and Finbar Hawkins, who co-created & wrote the original story with me and who have helped ferret out assets for this recreation, and to Abby Bowen, Will Richards and Ross Sleight, who worked on the original project – not to mention the amazing cast and crew who help us produce the original TV show. I hope you enjoy it.