Where’s my scooby snack?

Gary here, reporting to you this time from the front line itself: that’s right, this is me, setting up shop in the haunted house itself. I’d like to day its great to be here after all this time of talking to Stephen and Jo about it, and hearing all the news from the house itself, but, frankly, its as spooky as all get out and I’ve got way too much work to do getting everything set up and working

And not just my own work, neither – we start the TV broadcasts tomorrow, so I’ve got to get everything sorted for that mob when they can be bothered to show up. Cos of all this its going to be pretty quiet here for the next couple of days, but to keep you all happy, I’ve managed to get another one of our man Ranulph’s stories digitised and I’ll be adding that to our book.

And, of course, you’ve still got the EMF-thingy to play with, after all… you’ll notice that we’re getting some odd little twinges here and there – I’m not sure if that’s th application or the monitors themselves – but you’ll have to bear with us for the moment.

Right: meanwhile, I ought to get back to getting everything working.

Wish me luck


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