Electrical problems

Hallo, Jo here – I just wanted to drop by, mostly to apologise and explain something – you might, at times, be experiencing some problems with the EMF monitors on the website – either getting random signals or nothing at all. Basically its a problem at our end – the Mazehouse is a very old building, with a lot of wiring that dates back, in some cases I’ve found, around a hundred years, if you believe that. Anyway, we’ve now got a lot of electrical equipment in the house – computers, TV cameras and lights, all our EMF kit – and we’re putting a lot of strain on that old system – and its starting to tell – we’re getting quite a few brown outs and power losses in the house and not all equipment is working all the time.

So apologies for that.

And I ought to say that these problems, of course, are also going to affect some of the results we’re getting – the EMF readings we’re getting could just be issues with the wiring – and something like Steve’s ‘orb footage’ which he took last night, was in bad light conditions, with a cheap camera – I just feel I ought to point out that not everything strange that’s happening in the house is ancient ghosts – some of it is just ancient fuses!

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