Interesting times

Hallo – Jon Ward reporting in: as you’ll know by now, we had an extrenely exciting time of it last night – we certainly all exercised off our dinner, running around the house! And Stephen managed to capture some amazing footage of his orbs. All really thrilling stuff, and all useful evidence as well.

Of course, while we’re all tremenedously excited by these discoveries, its also important to remember that we’ve got to be sceptical, too – as Stephen keeps reminding us, this is a scientific investigation and its important that we analyse all our finding properly – as Jo has been pointing out to be, the electrical system and supply in the house is extremely old and erratic (we’ve been having quite a few what she calls ‘brown outs’ over the last couple of days) all of which could contribute to some of the EMF readings we’ve been getting and as Gary has been very excited about telling me, Stephen’s orb footage could be very easily generated by computer.

Naturally its no one here’s interest to go creating or ‘faking’ any paranormal events in the house – we’re under a lot of scrutiny here by you the audience as well as by my superiors and its up to us to examine all the evidence we collect to make sure we don’t mistake anything innocuous for something extraordinary and mislead all of you in any way.

And, it goes without saying, someone like Stephen is the last person to want to make that kind of mistake.

These are exciting times, though, and there’s a real enthusiasm in the team and in the house: I really think we’re on the verge of a genuinely exciting discovery.


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