History of occupation of the house

The Maze House is a Grade II listed building. It is mainly nineteenth century but still retains parts of the original eighteenth century house, particularly at the front of the building. The site, however, has been occupied for years. The grounds contain the foundations of a medieval abbey – with one wall at least partially standing. It is thought that there has been a religious settlement on the site, or in the area back into the Anglo-Saxon period. An archaeological dig in 1924 turned up the remains of a Roman villa. The most remarkable find of which being parts of a mosaic floor with a geometric pattern on it. There is some evidence to suggest even earlier Celtic occupation of the site, but this has not been tested. The inhabitants of the house have led a no less chequered past than the building itself. The house is often pointed out as the home of Mary Day, the sister that the wicked Sir Frances Day married to the Devil – if you believe local folk tales, although the current construction is certainly too recent to fit the bill, even if you believed the story. It is known, however, that it was owned by a Mr Day when it was sold to the Brightley family in the early nineteenth century, although it is thought that even this was a family transaction, the Brightleys being related to the Days through a cadet branch. Although the family fortunes have been somewhat erratic, the house has remained in the Brightley family ever since. The current owners are not currently resident. According to them the house is definitely haunted.

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