Experiences in the Mazehouse

The most common experiences reported in the house, and passed down anecdotally from previous generations, are of a presence felt, either in the house at large, or more specifically in the immediate vicinity of the subject. The presence is not always described as being unpleasant or hostile, although this is often the case. Sometimes it is described as being simply the sense of there being someone else in the room/house/area, but some people have reported actually feeling a touch or the physical presence of another person who they cannot see. The other common experience in the house seems to be some kind of loss of memory or pseudo-fugue states that may even amount to personality changes or behavioural oddities. In most cases these experiences are quite minor – acting or speaking in a kind of daydream so that the subject may not be aware of or remember what they have done or said, or extremes of déjà vu and jamais vu – but they can also be extremely disquieting. There are reports of strange behaviour related to the house – of people’s characters changing significantly often becoming more violent or confrontational as a result. Virtually anyone who has stayed at the house for any length of time has reported a period of either insomnia or of concurrent nightmares. While there may be reasonable explanations for all of these phenomena – air currents, electromagnetic fields, temporal lobe epilepsy, personality disorders, family arguments and so on – the numbers of experiences and people who have had them militates against such a reductionist hypothesis.

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