Live chat with the team

There will be a live online chat with the team after the show this evening.


The chat will take place in the Mazehouse forums in a new thread in the ‘TV shows’ forum and start after this evening’s show. Webmaster Gary Mitchell will be moderating the chat, choosing which questions to pitch to the team.


The thread will be opened before the show tonight for you to start entering questions for the team.


So please join us in the forums later this evening and meet the team!

I talk to the dead (and the really, really tired)

Greetings from the spookhouse – Gary here, still picking bits of plate out of my hair… Just wanted to let you know that its your turn to visit the haunted house live: we’re going to be having a live online chat with the team this evening, and you’re all, naturally, invited.

Bascially, I’m going to be starting an open thread at about quarter past nine this evening so you can all log on and pitch your questions to the team – I’ll be filtering the questions, I’m afraid, and keeping the juicy ones for myself 😉 and I’ll also be passing the team’s answers back to you, so apolgies in dvance for my slow two-fingered typing and orful speling. See what I did there?

So yeah, see you online this evening, I hope


Electrical problems

Hallo, Jo here – I just wanted to drop by, mostly to apologise and explain something – you might, at times, be experiencing some problems with the EMF monitors on the website – either getting random signals or nothing at all. Basically its a problem at our end – the Mazehouse is a very old building, with a lot of wiring that dates back, in some cases I’ve found, around a hundred years, if you believe that. Anyway, we’ve now got a lot of electrical equipment in the house – computers, TV cameras and lights, all our EMF kit – and we’re putting a lot of strain on that old system – and its starting to tell – we’re getting quite a few brown outs and power losses in the house and not all equipment is working all the time.

So apologies for that.

And I ought to say that these problems, of course, are also going to affect some of the results we’re getting – the EMF readings we’re getting could just be issues with the wiring – and something like Steve’s ‘orb footage’ which he took last night, was in bad light conditions, with a cheap camera – I just feel I ought to point out that not everything strange that’s happening in the house is ancient ghosts – some of it is just ancient fuses!

Interesting times

Hallo – Jon Ward reporting in: as you’ll know by now, we had an extrenely exciting time of it last night – we certainly all exercised off our dinner, running around the house! And Stephen managed to capture some amazing footage of his orbs. All really thrilling stuff, and all useful evidence as well.

Of course, while we’re all tremenedously excited by these discoveries, its also important to remember that we’ve got to be sceptical, too – as Stephen keeps reminding us, this is a scientific investigation and its important that we analyse all our finding properly – as Jo has been pointing out to be, the electrical system and supply in the house is extremely old and erratic (we’ve been having quite a few what she calls ‘brown outs’ over the last couple of days) all of which could contribute to some of the EMF readings we’ve been getting and as Gary has been very excited about telling me, Stephen’s orb footage could be very easily generated by computer.

Naturally its no one here’s interest to go creating or ‘faking’ any paranormal events in the house – we’re under a lot of scrutiny here by you the audience as well as by my superiors and its up to us to examine all the evidence we collect to make sure we don’t mistake anything innocuous for something extraordinary and mislead all of you in any way.

And, it goes without saying, someone like Stephen is the last person to want to make that kind of mistake.

These are exciting times, though, and there’s a real enthusiasm in the team and in the house: I really think we’re on the verge of a genuinely exciting discovery.


Amazing footage

Hello there, Stephen here – I just wanted to share the really exciting news about what happened last night – yet again we saw some really exciting EMF readings from round the house and this time we – in fact, I – actually recorded some physical phenomena accompanying them: what are commonly called orbs in paranormal circles. Of course, orbs are often derided as just artefacts of the equipment we use, or just natural effects taken out of context. but I think what I have recorded here is beyond anything I have seen before – partly helped by the fact that I was having to record in semi-darkness, right at the top of the house, while everyone blundered about below.

Add to this the other events of the evening – the possible psychokinetic activity with the crockery in the pantry and the strange behaviour of a lot of the electronic equipment in the house – along with some of the most impressive EMF activity we’ve seen to date, I think we can call this investigation a considerable success! It seems incontrovertible to me that there is paranormal phenomena in this house and that we’re uncovering some significant evidence for it.

We also, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, had another lot of mysterious text added to the site last night – I’m rapidly also becoming convinced that these additions are related to the EMF activity and to other pasranormal activity in the house. This is, I think, the largest amount of text we’ve had so far and the most specific in its references to people and places. There is a definite theme emerging, though, a rather grisly one of death and  murder – which is there, I suppose, in the history of the house – which is, really, what the text appears to be getting at – ewhat we’re all getting at, I suppose – some idea of how the past can haunt us in the present – us and the places we live in.

It definitely feels like something is gradually being revealed, though, growing in strength and clarity. I can only look forward to what the next few days bring.

And the devil or an untouchable history, buried in the blood to make her bloom not.

The Reverend Brightley killed but the ghosts remain, universal, eternal, geographical.Stories themselves are certainly ancient, old as the am sure. The King falls in love with the maid, but the maid of wakeful nights and wordless fears, of gooseflesh, of suspicion. Of haunting. The yet: the squire, Sir Francis Day, murdered his half-sister, bride of competing for the honour of keeping the Quean they may, perhaps, just for a spell, it of them, or do we following in their footsteps? These I had mine. A soldier went mad in that house find ourselves there? Are we haunted, not by the pat: the wizard, bereft, gladly gives his by far’, as the traditional telling goes. The beating of that coiled story. A piece for three, a piece made of again. Spring is eaten up by paths because we demand These universal stories the secret clockwork of myth that drives on place. I am thinking of a house. This haunts a place still. That still haunts me. The Quean is a doll made of dried was the horror of itself, rendering it barren and fruitless in his anger and sorrow. My woman, made all of flowers of the meadows and hedgerows people come and go: the dynasties, the day after night. And house and a woman died as a consequence and mankind and stronger. So strong that it can conjure its own unspringing, make old as make the living its ancient tragedy in jungles and foreign deserts, but it a house in the Northumbrian countryside that have, I hope, a little of that power that is ancient too, and it is the country, we all know, that the seen and done worse things, in foreign that drove tanist, the man dies in his place. A into the landscape, drives out history, they always do, had a history, or, rather, phantom parade of jilted lovers and sister in marriage to the devil. And the tragic its own recurrent doom, when the traditional Corn dried flowers, these days the subject of fevered competition among in love with her creator, the wizard. The King, discovering their treachery has over-enthusiastic Victorian antiquary). It is a local variation on while that inspired them, a have now, that we are haunted by myth, their well worn stories that accompany us down the generations: not the only lives that ourselves in them, or the past, but rather by the story?

Discovery in the house

Hallo, this is Jon Ward, blogging again – this time about the most amazing discovery that Jo and I made in one of the front rooms – its was Jo’s discovery really – Jo wanted to have a look at some of the wiring in the older part of the house and it was her who pulled it away to uncover the most fascinating thing: letters carved into the plaster behind the panelling.

I’ve transcribed the letters and we’re pretty sure they’re in Latin. Sadly none of us can translate them, although they do contain the word ‘flora’ which both Stephen and Jo assure me is something to do with flowers, a fact that Stephen finds very interesting: he says there’s a lot of folklore in the area about flowers, which would certainly make sense.

At a guess, and Jo thinks I’m right, the panelling is probably Victorian, which would put the carvings at at least a hundred years old, which is really something – anyway, once we get them online, we’d really like to know what you think of them – it’s great all the response we’ve had to the EVP clips that Gary’s been putting up – it’s really exciting to have the audience so involved in the project like this: I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are