The voices! The voices!

Hey there and thank you, thank all of you who’ve been posting comments on the EVP I put online yesterday – it’s all really useful, as I haven’t had much time to listen to the pesky thing myself.

And one of the reasons I haven’t had much time, is that I’ve been going through the recording looking, alright, listening, for anything else inthere, and I think I’ve found a couple more – although to be honest, I’ve been going over and over the footage so much I’m not sure I tell EVP from farting right now.
Anyway, I’m going to slap the clips up online now, to see if you have any better luck with them than I have – and then I’ve got to dash off because Louisa wants to take a look round the neighbourhood. Squeak to you later…

The odd video blog

Hello there. I’ve just come from the very odd experience of watching myself on video and realising that not only do I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I also don’t really remember recording the piece at all. I’m talking about my video diary which was uploaded yesterday and in which Gary has noticed some very odd phenomena: a shadow that grows from the left-hand side of the screen across the wall behind me as I speak.

That in itself is an odd thing, as I don’t remember anything casting a shadow – but then I don’t actually remember recording the video diary at all. Jon asked me to record a few words, to get some private thoughts, I suppose, and I recall that I had something very specific I wanted to say, but watching the recording back I realise that whatever I meant to say, I certainly didn’t say it. In fact what I did say appears to make no sense whatsoever.

What I do recall is a sense of relief at being given an outlet, a place to express some of the misgivings I’m having about where our investigation is going at the moment, but in some way that relief seems to have just overwhelmed me. Its very odd – but it, even more oddly, it feels familiar – there have been a few moments in the last couple of days when I’ve felt dislocated from what I was doing – something which I’d put down to tiredness and stress from working on the project.

In fact my sleep has been very broken recently, which does at least mean that I’ve been able to note down my dreams for my dream diary – the most recent being a version of the one I’ve been having since I moved into the house – running around the house looking for someone – although in this case that someone being a figure I thought was our producer, Jon, but who, when I caught up with him, turned out to be the writer Ranulph Williams.

It worries me that I must stay focussed on the project and not let myself get too stressed out or worn out by the television nonsense – the Mazehouse is the thing that matters.

Hallo to everyone from Jon

Hallo, this is Jon Ward, producer for the Mazehouse project, blogging from inside a genuine haunted house, which is exciting, for me, anyway, although perhaps not for you.

I’m joining the team in the house for three reasons, really, and I’ll get the cynical one out of the way first – good television. Yes, it is a reason, and I’m not afraid to admit it – there was some really interesting stuff going on in the house last night and I’m really anxious that we don’t miss anything in this investigation, and I want to make sure that you don’t miss anything, either – the Mazehouse is an amazing project and someone ought to make sure it makes an amazing show, too.

Secondly, I’m here for the project – there’s a great and exciting mix of people in the house right now and I think its going to be good to be the layman in here – asking the difficult questions that I know you are going to want answered – I’m here to keep everyone together and on board with the project.

But lastly I’m here because I been dying to be here, right from the first moment I heard about the project. Like everyone, I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal and ghost stories and the chance to take part in a real-life investigation of a haunted house is simply too good to miss. But I’m also fascinated by what Stephen and Jo are trying to achieve here – a real, scientific investigation of this extraordinary phenomena – a really groundbreaking project- which is really why I’m so excited to be right here, live in the Mazehouse!


Are you recieving me?

Hi-de-ho, I’ve been asked to make a post about the strange sounds I’ve found on the soundtrack of the footage of the seance we recorded last night. Well, how to put this? I’ve found some strange sounds on the soundtrack of the footage of the seance we recorded last night.

I was watching the footage back this morning, preparing it for editing into the show tonight and noticed some odd things on the soundtrack – I thought it might be a problem with the mikes or some kind of interference – but there’s certainly something there that sounds like voices – spooky, eh?

Stephen’s referring to it as Electronic Voice Phenomena, which sounds like a German synthesiser band from the 1980s, but which is apparently a common thing. Anyway, I’m going to put a clip I’ve edited out of the soundtrack up online for you to have a listen to and see if you can make out anything useful.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything else, weird (other than Stephen’s strange bagpipe cds ;))

Interesting results

Hello there, Stephen here – as you may know if you were online with us last night, very little happened during our ‘seance’ – which, for me, doesn’t signify really, although I hoped those of you who joined in enjoyed yourselves, at least. What does matter is that later last night we had some very exciting EMF readings on our monitor network – something that you’ll see on the show this evening I expect. Sadly EMF readings is all we had at the time – no associated phenomena – or so I thought until this morning, when I discovered that we had had another text posting on our website during the night.

It’s tempting to suspect that the two things are related – the EMF readings and the posting on the blog, but without records to match up with past appearances of the text, its impossible to know for certain.

I can’t help but feel that the online text is significant, however. The text that arrived during the night mentions Sir Francis Day by name and seems to be hinting at the tragedy of him and his half-sister. The references to Arthur and Guinevere certainly chime with a lot of Ranulph Williams’ interest in Arthurian myth and, in particular, that great betrayal of the King by Guinevere his Queen and Lancelot his trusted champion. There’s something else, though – something that definitely sounds like Williams’ other writings, with its fascination with myth and the effect of history on the present. I’m pretty convinced now that this text is coming from a piece of Williams’ writings, although how I don’t know.

One possibility that we have to admit is that, as Jo has very reasonably pointed out, it could simply be that whatever is causing the electro-magnetic field we are detecting could be interfering with our machines, causing the computers to post the text themselves, as a bug or glitch. And that’s a possibility that we really ought to take seriously – as tempting as it might be to get over-excited about these phenomena, Jo’s right to remind me that we’re here to investigate these things scientifically, not by having online seances!

Welcome to everyone

Hello there, Stephen here, just adding my welcome to the newest member of our team, Louisa McMurray. Louisa’s been brought on-board to give her point of view of the paranormal phenomena in the house – although she’s very insistent on not being a psychic – apparently she prefers the term sensitive.

I’m pleased to have her on board, though – I’ve worked with plenty of sensitives and psychics before in my work and its always useful to have an alternative point of view. Although we in the project are obviously a lot mroe focussed on a scientific approach to what might be happening in the house, it can be very helpful to have someone who can interpret things in a more human way.

So welcome to Louisa, and welcome to all the TV people who have joined us today to start the programmes. Its really very odd to have so many people about the house when I’ve got so used to it being empty and quiet. It’s already beyond hectic and we’ve hardly started.

Well, this should be interesting, at any rate

One click for yes, two clicks for no

Gary here, with the exciting announcement that our newest team member, Louisa McMurray is going to be leading us in a seance this evening.

Even more exciting is the announcement that its going to be an online seance – which means all of you are going to be taking part.

We’ll be starting our seance at about the time the show ends – so around 9:10 this evening. I’ll be opening a thread in the forum, so come along and join in if you’re online.

Look forward to seeing you there – I wonder if they have spam in the afterlife?

Where’s my scooby snack?

Gary here, reporting to you this time from the front line itself: that’s right, this is me, setting up shop in the haunted house itself. I’d like to day its great to be here after all this time of talking to Stephen and Jo about it, and hearing all the news from the house itself, but, frankly, its as spooky as all get out and I’ve got way too much work to do getting everything set up and working

And not just my own work, neither – we start the TV broadcasts tomorrow, so I’ve got to get everything sorted for that mob when they can be bothered to show up. Cos of all this its going to be pretty quiet here for the next couple of days, but to keep you all happy, I’ve managed to get another one of our man Ranulph’s stories digitised and I’ll be adding that to our book.

And, of course, you’ve still got the EMF-thingy to play with, after all… you’ll notice that we’re getting some odd little twinges here and there – I’m not sure if that’s th application or the monitors themselves – but you’ll have to bear with us for the moment.

Right: meanwhile, I ought to get back to getting everything working.

Wish me luck

You, watching us

Hey, hey, Gary here with the good news that our live feed from the EMF monitors in the house seems to be up and running at last. I’ve made the monitors live on the site this weekend as a kind of soft launch for next week, so you can all have a play, if you’ve nothing better to do with your Sunday afternoon. Still hungover from last night? Why not have a lazy day watching blinking lights?

Anyway, once its up and running, you’ll see a link in the menu on the left which will launch the monitor – there you’ll see a graphic readout for all of the rooms, and you’ll be able to page through the different floors of the house so you can miss whatever’s happening on the other floors at the time.

One thing to be aware of is there’s a slight delay with the refresh times of the feed, so its not quite real time, because not even I’m that good – but its not far off. Stephen is very keen for any of you who notice anything odd to let us know as soon as possible. I’ll be starting a thread in the forum for that purpose.

Meanwhile, major kudos to my main girl Jo for getting the feed working – here’s hoping everything next week goes this smoothly.

And next time you hear from me, I’ll be in the Mazehouse in startling person: and jumping out of your TV set, so strap yourselves in, my friends, ready for a crazy week.