Amazing footage

Hello there, Stephen here – I just wanted to share the really exciting news about what happened last night – yet again we saw some really exciting EMF readings from round the house and this time we – in fact, I – actually recorded some physical phenomena accompanying them: what are commonly called orbs in paranormal circles. Of course, orbs are often derided as just artefacts of the equipment we use, or just natural effects taken out of context. but I think what I have recorded here is beyond anything I have seen before – partly helped by the fact that I was having to record in semi-darkness, right at the top of the house, while everyone blundered about below.

Add to this the other events of the evening – the possible psychokinetic activity with the crockery in the pantry and the strange behaviour of a lot of the electronic equipment in the house – along with some of the most impressive EMF activity we’ve seen to date, I think we can call this investigation a considerable success! It seems incontrovertible to me that there is paranormal phenomena in this house and that we’re uncovering some significant evidence for it.

We also, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, had another lot of mysterious text added to the site last night – I’m rapidly also becoming convinced that these additions are related to the EMF activity and to other pasranormal activity in the house. This is, I think, the largest amount of text we’ve had so far and the most specific in its references to people and places. There is a definite theme emerging, though, a rather grisly one of death and  murder – which is there, I suppose, in the history of the house – which is, really, what the text appears to be getting at – ewhat we’re all getting at, I suppose – some idea of how the past can haunt us in the present – us and the places we live in.

It definitely feels like something is gradually being revealed, though, growing in strength and clarity. I can only look forward to what the next few days bring.


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