Jon Ward

Jon has been working at SciFi channel for a year now. Although he has a background more in acting than producing, he says he finds the latter far more satisfying: ‘Actors spend most of their time taking orders – it’s nice to be issuing them these days.’

Jon has very clear memories of what was, he thinks, ‘an Usborne book of Mysteries and Monsters or something like that – I read it until the covers came off and the whole thing fell apart.’ Ever since then he has been fascinated by the paranormal and the unknown – ‘Although its not something I thought I’d ever be making a living from.’

He is very excited about joining team, however, saying that he has two main reasons for his enthusiasm: ‘obviously this is potentially an exciting and, if we’re lucky, unique TV show – but it’s also a fantastic opportunity, personally speaking – to take part in a real paranormal investigation… I’ve never done anything like this before – I’m really looking forward to it.’

Jon definitely believes in the paranormal, and is really hoping to see experience something before the week is out.


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