Welcome to everyone

Hello there, Stephen here, just adding my welcome to the newest member of our team, Louisa McMurray. Louisa’s been brought on-board to give her point of view of the paranormal phenomena in the house – although she’s very insistent on not being a psychic – apparently she prefers the term sensitive.

I’m pleased to have her on board, though – I’ve worked with plenty of sensitives and psychics before in my work and its always useful to have an alternative point of view. Although we in the project are obviously a lot mroe focussed on a scientific approach to what might be happening in the house, it can be very helpful to have someone who can interpret things in a more human way.

So welcome to Louisa, and welcome to all the TV people who have joined us today to start the programmes. Its really very odd to have so many people about the house when I’ve got so used to it being empty and quiet. It’s already beyond hectic and we’ve hardly started.

Well, this should be interesting, at any rate

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