New message

Hello there, Stephen here, just pointing out that we had another message added to the site last night, added under my name, but, again, not by me, although, as before, I had left my computer over night switched on and logged into the website in my name.

In fact, this time, both Gary and Jo are reasonably convinced that there wasn’t any outside influence on the computer or the site, so quite where it might have come from has become a little more mysterious.

Once again the text seems to have been taken from Ranulph Williams’ introduction, although again there is text I don’t recognise, and I find myself wondering about that original draft of the introduction that I was talking about yesterday and whether some of the text might come from that.

Now that I am, at least, pretty convinced that the messages aren’t coming from anywhere else, I am going to start trying to analyse them in detail to see what I can discover. It could well be that the most interesting events of this whole investigation have been happening right here on the website, right in front of us all this time.

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