Jo here

Hi, just sitting at the ciomputer, waiting for Gary to test the online EMF  monitors and I thought I’d take the opportunity to post to the blog.

It’s been a hectic week here in the house, getting everything wired up and prepared for next week and then trying to get this feed working from the monitors. It’s a tricky business, not least becasue the monitors we’re using are intended to be networked in quite this way, so Gary and I have had to kludge around a bit to get the system we want. It still tends to be a little glitchy, but part of that might just be the house. Stephen has said he had some problems with the heat sensors he was using earlier in the month and I know he’s like to think that that’s some kingd of evidence for paranormal activity, but I;ve often found that there are places where equipment just doesn’t like to work: whether its termperature or humidity or interference or some other imponderable.

To be honest there are some odd things about this house, I haven’t yet seen any ghosts (and I’m not sure I expect to see any) but I did have an odd experience earlier this week when I found myself looking uo from my work and suddenly not being at all sure where I was. It was a very strange feeling indeed, not quite as if I thought I was somewhere else, more that the house just didn’t look right, or how I was expecting it to look.

Even with things like that I have to say I don’t get any really bad feeling from the house at all, certainly nothing you might call haunting – which almost feels disappointing in a way.

Anyway, I’ve just seen I’ve got a fresh mail from Gary, so I’ll go and see how we’re doing on the EMF monitors. See you later.


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