New arrivals

Hello there, Stephen here, with news of two new arrivals. Since I’ve just made Jo say hello to the website in her first blog, you’ll know that she has now joined me in the house. But I just wanted to draw your attention to the blog post that was made in the small hours of this morning: more of our mysterious text.

Again some of it looks very much like a selection from Ranulph Williams’ introduction to his book of short stories, but some of it doesn’t. Obviously, since my encounter with Harry Rose in the house, I’m a little suspicious of it being someone tampering with the equipment, while Gary is still convinced that someone has ‘hacked in’ as he calls it, and is interefering with the blog from somewhere else on the internet.

But I still think its a mystery worth investigating, so I’ve asked both Gary and Jo to work together to come up with some way of determining where the messages are coming from. So hopefully I’ll be able to let you know more soon.

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