Jo Cargill

Jo is the technical brain behind the Maze House investigation. An engineering graduate, she has known Steven Millington since University, where they became firm friends.

Steven engaged her for help setting up the Maze House project back in February 2001. She helped plan the investigation and built the system of electromagnetic field monitors that lie at the heart of the project.

It is a mark of what a good friend she is that she has done all this work on the investigation in her spare time. She says she finds the work ‘challenging and, more importantly, interesting’.

‘I think we have a rare chance here to examine something in a wholly new way, with a whole set of new technical solutions,’ she says. ‘It’s fascinating.’

Following the involvement of the SciFi channel in the project, she has come back on board to help Steven install more and better equipment in the house. She currently has the free time to devote herself fully to the project.

Jo isn’t sure if she believes in the paranormal and certainly hasn’t experienced anything remarkable.

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