Sleeping arrangements

Hello there, Stephen here, and not, I’m afraid, anyone (or anything) more interesting. I left the computer on last night as promised, but nothing has appeared. I shall continue doing it, however, so we shall see. Meanwhile, I am making some changes to my routine. I have decided to try sleeping in different rooms about the house. I am still keeping my dream diary, although I don’t always have anything to record, and I thought perhaps seeing how different rooms in the house affect me in my sleep might prove interesting. To start with I am concentrating on the older rooms at the front of the house, as these are the ones most commonly associated with paranormal activity (and malfunctioning thermometers!). Last night I slept in one of the attic rooms – and a jolly cold and difficult night it was – and tonight I will try the other. I’ll let you know if anything interesting occurs.

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