Ranulph Williams and Me

Ranulph Williams

Ranulph Williams

I ought, really, to take this oportunity to declare an interest, now that we have mentioned Ranulph Williams. If the Mazehouse is thought to have influenced him, then it has also influenced me – for he certainly has. I first came across Williams as a child, in an old copy of his ghost story collection ‘Haunted Houses and other Places of Interest’ on the shelves of my aunt’s spare bedroom. Already at a young age fascinated by the paranormal, I devoured the book, even committing the dreadful sin of taking it away with me. I will give it back though. One day. I would be the first to admit that Williams’ ghost stories are not the scariest. He is no M R James. They are even sometimes downright funny. But it wasn’t really the stories that grabbed my attention. For me the most important part of the book was the introduction. This really opened my childish eyes. Here Williams talks about how he believes that ghosts and hauntings are part of our landscape, how it is places that are haunted and that it is when we enter those places that we get caught up in whatever this haunting is. It is this introduction that played a large part in setting the course that has led me to where I am today, and which still forms a lot of my beliefs about what I do. So you might well imagine that the connection with Williams made me even more enthusiastic about this investigation that I already was: what better place, after all, to explore his beliefs than here? To come to this haunted place, that so haunted him, and try to discover just what that haunting is.

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