The investigation: EMF detectors

The aim is to investigate the accounts of paranormal activity in The Maze House. Given the absence of the homeowners the investigators have an unparalleled opportunity to conduct a long and thorough examination of the house.

In addition to a simple investigation of the house by the team, the project will have a more technical aspect. As part of an attempt to examine in depth the physical attributes of a paranormal manifestation the team have positioned throughout the house a number of electromagnetic field monitors.

According to ghost hunters paranormal events are associated with field fluctuations between 2 and 7 milligauss in strength. The monitors will be put into position over the next few weeks and then will be in operation continuously – logging data for every second of the day.

It is hoped that analysis of the data will eventually enable the team to build a complete picture of electromagnetic fields throughout the house and then compare these to any observed paranormal phenomena for any correlation between the two.

The team will also be using the EMF monitors as ‘detectors’ – looking for any significant reading and examining those areas that give them for ‘paranormal’ activity or states.

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