Welcome to the Mazehouse

millingtonHello there, I am Stephen Millington and I am delighted to welcome you to the Mazehouse and what I hpe is going to be a unique and extraordinary experience for us all.

The Mazehouse project is unique in a lot of ways: the length of time available to us to carry out the investigation, the technology anf equipment we have at our disposal and, most of all, this, you: this website and you, our audience.

The Mazehouse is unique itself – a place with a continuous record of habitation stretching back centuries, and with a lot of that history filled with stories of hauntings and unexplained phemomena. It first came to my notice when the owners, old acquaintances of mine who recently bought the Mazehouse, sent me some puzzling video footage they had filmed there. I’ve been in touch with them since early this year, with them keeping me up to date with their experiences in the house.

I would have jumped at the chance to investigate, no matter what, but when I was offered the chance to spend this whole month in the house, and to share that chance with you, then I was doubly enthused.

To have you along with us, involved in all our investigations, contributing to what we do here, and then to add to that the television audience who will join us at the end of the month – to be able to show and explain to all of you what exactly it is that we are oing here: that is, indeed, a unique experience.

And the extraordinary experience, well: we shall have to wait and see what the next month brings, but even the act of serious, scientific paranormal investigation is extraordinary enough, I think. So welcome, all of you, to the Mazehouse.

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