Stephen Millington

Steven Millington has been involved in psychical research for over ten years. He has been involved in a number of investigations and examinations of various paranormal phenomena, but the Maze House investigation is the largest he has undertaken. Steven studied philosophy at Edinburgh University and did not become involved with the paranormal until some years later, when he was writing a book about his local area in the early nineties: ‘Some of the older members of the community insisted that I wouldn’t understand the place until I had seen the local ghost, so I hauled off to some ruined bothy in the middle of nowhere to sit up all night. ‘Of course we didn’t see anything, but these people just spent the whole night telling me ghost stories, and some of them were things they had experienced themselves, and they told them so matter-of-factly, just as they might talk about the weather or the farm – because they were so convinced that these things had happened to them – they knew they were real experiences. ‘It was that that got me interested, that started me taking the whole seriously, because people like that, if they took it seriously, I had better…’ Since then all things paranormal gradually taken over Steven’s life. He has taken part in several investigations of haunted houses and places associated with the paranormal, and has written widely on the subject. Steven instituted the Maze House project as part of an ongoing fascination with the way the paranormal is experienced and how this is associated with place and physical conditions. He is delighted that the SciFi channel has become so interested in his project and looks forward to welcoming them on board. Steven does believe in the paranormal and has had too many experiences to tell here.

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