Gary Mitchell

Gary is the team’s webmaster – or, as he would have it, web monkey – and in house video specialist. His primary role is designing, building and maintaining the project’s website. He has also been working with Jo Cargill to bring the project’s own equipment online – creating and interface for the EMF monitors, putting the web cams online, helping to finish the analysing application. Gary will also be helping to edit video for the TV shows and the site. All this and being a full time member of the team as far as the investigation goes. Gary has a long background in web related activities – his involvement in the industry goes back six years in various capacities. Gary is currently freelance and has joined team as part of SciFi’s involvement in the investigation. Gary doesn’t think he believes in the paranormal and says his only paranormal experience so far has been dealing with Netscape browsers. We assume this is a joke.

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